Age Play Phone Sex

By , April 25, 2014


Are you into Age Play Phone Sex and underage fantasies? Are you looking for a young girl that has a voice that sounds even younger? I’m the young girl of your dreams and kinky fantasies!

I love doing Age Play Phone Sex and pedo fantasies. I’m an excellent little girl for all of Daddy’s incest fantasies. I’d love to have a naughty old man pick me up in the park with a lollipop or ice cream cone and take me home to become his little sex slave. I can play your terrified rape fantasy victim or your eager, willing accomplice to lure other little girls and boys home to our sexual dungeon.

Maybe you’d like to 2 girls for your Age Play Phone Sex fantasy? The more the merrier, right? I’ve got several young friends that can join us. All you need to do is give me a call and tell me all your dark, deviant desires! I have no taboos and no limits! The more kinky you get, the wetter my tiny, bald pussy will be for you!

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Teen Phone Sex

By , February 21, 2014


Everyone knows what a horny Teen Phone Sex slut I am and I have gotten very used to the idea of everyone wanting to screw my barely legal pussy. Even my little brother would give anything to get between my thighs and fuck his big sister for some incest and family fun. I just didn’t think he would get so desperate to actually cut a peep hole in his closet so he could see into my room, hoping to get a glimpse of my plump titties or even my tight teen pussy. I have no idea how long he had that hole there or how many guys he watched me suck off and fuck from the comfort of his own room. But once I knew it was there, boy did I start having some real fun with him.

In this naughty Teen Phone Sex fantasy, I waited until mom and dad went to bed and it was just him and I watching t.v. Then I casually mentioned that I was heading up to my room to get changed for bed. Once in my room, I waited for his bedroom door to quietly open and close. Then I would started the tease and denial show. Slowly, I stripped off my top and peeled down my jeans. I spent a good 5 to 10 minutes strutting around in my underwear, looking for something to sleep in. After I have found some comfy pjs to sleep in, I got ready to take off my bra. Just when I was ready to pull my bra cups down and let my gorgeous titties out, I stepped out of view from the peep hole and finished changing. Later, when I was back down on the couch, he came walking into the room all stiff-legged and horny from my little tease and denial show that he could barely think straight. God knows, he sure couldn’t walk straight.

If that wasn’t bad enough, a few nights ago my friend Tori came over to spend the night. I told her all about my horny, underage brother and how he liked peeking on sexy girls. She got so excited, she was ready to put on a 2 girl show for the little horn-ball. We made sure he knew we were going up to my room for then night and waited for him to get in his closet before Tori grabbed me up in her arms and laid a passionate kiss on my lips. My little brother got lucky since Tori was so horny she got out of her bra before I could move onto the bed and out of sight from the peep hole. I am sure he got a real good look at her perky titties, but unfortunately for him my plump melons were still hidden away. I guess he finally snapped cause just as we hit the bed he was walking into my room with his hard rod in hand.

Are you looking for a threesome with 2 hot, sexy Teen Phone Sex girls? Would you like to be the naughty little horn-ball in the closet? Give us a call to complete our naughty little night of fun!


Underage Phone Sex

By , January 7, 2014


Hey all you naughty guys, why not kick-off the New Year with some Underage Phone Sex?!? I’m a kinky teen that totally loves to do age play and I have no limits. There’s just something so very naughty about pretending to be a much younger, innocent girl that gets my smooth pussy all wet!

In this Underage Phone Sex fantasy, I’m quite a bit younger and walking home from school because my mommy forgot to pick me up. I’m only a block away from the school when you pull up beside me in your car. My mom always told me to never talk to strangers so at first, I ignore you as you roll down your window and begin talking to me. You keep insisting that you’re my parent’s friend, they sent you to pick me up and that you’re so very sorry that you were late. Finally, I stop and thinking that I’m a smart, little girl, I ask you for proof. Much to my surprise, you laugh and call me a ‘good girl’. Then you pull up my favorite stuffed animal and I hop in your car.

In this Underage Phone Sex fantasy, what I don’t know is that earlier in the day, you robbed our house and saw my picture. Since you’re a kinky, perverted pedo, you decided to steal my stuffed animal so you could steal me and my obvious virginity. Now that I’m willingly in your car, you decide to take me to a very secluded cabin in the woods and do all sorts of nasty, dirty, and perverted things with me. You’re not sure if you’ll keep me as your young sex slave or snuff me when you get tired of me, but I’m here now and you’re hard as a rock in anticipation!



Incest Phone Sex

By , December 4, 2013


I like a wide variety of fantasies and most of my favorites are taboo like Incest Phone Sex. I’m a hot, sexy teen that loves to masturbate and it’s more fun to do it with somebody than alone.  Here’s an example of one of my favorite fantasies. If you like it too, give me a call and let’s do it!

In this Incest Phone Sex fantasy, I was playing on my bed, squeezing my breasts, and rubbing my smooth bald pussy. I’m such a horny girl. When my Uncle walked-in on me. I didn’t even stop playing, in fact, the idea of incest with my uncle got my little bald cunt instantly wet! I could tell right away that seeing me lying naked with legs spread, had my Uncle instantly “rock hard”.

He had exactly what I needed, a big, juicy cock! I promised to keep it our little secret and begged to suck his yummy dick! But cock sucking it wasn’t enough for a hungry little slut like me, I needed to ride it too! I needed to squirt all over his big cock and feel him fill me up with his cum!

“Give it to me! Give it to your naughty niece, Mandy!”

For all your Incest Phone Sex and Family Fun fantasies, call me, Mandy! I love to be daddy’s little girl or your naughty niece!

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Daddy Phone Sex

By , November 5, 2013


One of my favorite fantasies involves incest, family fun, and being a good little slut for my Phone Sex Daddy! Why is it one of my favorites? It’s taboo and taboo is hot! Whether you want me to be sweet, innocent, and virginal or naughty, nasty, and slutty, I want to be Daddy’s girl!

Growing-up, I had a very special relationship with my own Phone Sex Daddy and I would love to tell you all about it. If that’s not your thing, we can role play your personal incest fantasy. I can be your sweet, little girl that catches dad stroking his big hard-on and is curious. Would you like me wrap my little hands around it and kiss the tip? Maybe you want to sneak into my bedroom at night, pull down my panties, and force your big dick into my virginal pussy while I cry and beg you to stop?

Whatever type of  Daddy Phone Sex fantasy has your interest, I’m here and ready to be Daddy’s girl! I have no taboos and no limits and I’d love to play with you on the phone today!